Freedom International Livestream USA

Thursday, March 1, 2022
Guest: Christian Oesch, President
Topic: “To win without fighting is best!

Brief Bio
Christian Oesch, is one of the leading Swiss opponents in the instrumentalization of 5G and the Corona agenda. His various presentations show how the federal governments and politics are driving this very destructive development forward. Join us to learn more about the connection between the Corona “plandemic”, the international bankers, the WHO and WEF, the government control, why we need to keep an outmost close eye on CHINA. Deception and surprise as the key to success – based on the Art of War by Sun Tzu

💥 Live Intl. Interview (original English) 🎥 (Deutsche Übersetzung folgt bald)

Schweizerischer Verein WIR Website (Christian Oesch, President)

Preparedness Handbook (Checklist for the most important items)

What’s Really Behind WHO’s Plan to Create an International ‘Pandemic Treaty?’

Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates: vaccination status: technical specifications and implementation guidance, 27 August 2021

Schweiz für globalen Pandemie-Vertrag – Berset eröffnet WHO-Treffen—berset-eroeffnet-who-treffen/46644068

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